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Hidden Keyloggers on Android, Here’s How To Deal With It!

The Internet is a new world out there that can be accessed by anyone, there is no distinction between good and evil people. Therefore Gadgeteers must remain cautious and alert, nah! One of the things to watch out for is Keyloggers.

What is Keylogger really? Basically Keylogger itself is a program used to monitor data entry via keyboard. So sparingly, this program can record keystrokes on the device’s keyboard. So what makes it dangerous and should be wary of? Unfortunately, if the Keylogger is stored by someone else (not the user of the phone) then most likely the data typed using the keyboard of the device will be readable by others. Obviously this is dangerous because passwords can be stolen by others, not just passwords, even ATM PINs, and other privacy data can be stolen easily.

When Gadgeteers is one of the people who more often arti mimpi togel do activities that are privacy using the phone, you should be careful of this Keylogger, although we already feel safe, it could be Keylogger program is installed by accident through malware. Therefore this time @GadgetGaul will discuss how to know the Keylogger on our device or not at once how to delete it:

1. Find the Source

When Gadgeteers senses or starts to know that there is a Keylogger on an Android device being digukanan, there are times when first know the source from which the Keylogger can enter. Is it from an irresponsible friend? From someone else who accidentally lent his cell phone Gadgeteers? Or indeed from the malware that appears when surfing the internet? When you know the source, it will be easier to remove it and remove it.

2. Check Android Performance

Keyloggers do not make a stable Android device work as usual. Sometimes the device will have a hang or lag that is not clear how it can happen. Although in fact it can happen even if there is no Keylogger installed, but usually there are other characteristics that appear as often restart itself or suddenly appear strange numbers on the screen. When that happens, there’s a Keylogger on Android Gadgeteers.

Here’s How to Remove it:

3. Use Manual Mode

When you already know that inside the Android Gadgeteers device there Keylogger, can delete it manually that live just go from folder to folder. See if there are any suspicious files like the example above. Usually Keylogger program itself is an unusual application file, so make it a habit to know what applications are available on Android Gadgeteers devices.

4. Use Anti Virus

Do not want to be hard? Use only anti-virus or anti-malware available on the Google Play Store because if the Keylogger is accidentally installed due to viruses or incoming malware, it is likely to be detected by security devices such as anti-virus and malware. Then we recommend that Gadgeteers use anti-virus or anti-malware that is recommended to be more steady eliminating its own Keylogger.