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5 Reasons Regarding the Importance of Learning English

Of the many languages ​​in the world, in Indonesia only requires Learning English to continue to be developed outside of the Indonesian language itself. That’s because English is an international language. However, there are still many Indonesian people who are still indifferent in learning it. Yet in terms of profit, will be a lot of profits that we get after learning English. Not only science, but also will deliver you to travel around the world.

Those who are fluent in English both written and spoken will not get lost in this digital world. The more days, not only the technology that is more advanced, the language too. Even applying for work is sometimes questionable language that is known other than Indonesian. Although not as a liability, but what harm is knowing English. Here’s why we should learn English.

1. Opportunity to get a job
Indonesia currently has a high unemployment rate. Can not be denied, one of the causes of unemployment is increasingly rampant in addition to education and human resources is a low learning willingness. Most people just tend to Learning English what is known and do not want to develop themselves by learning new things, especially language. Currently, to get a high salary requires a complete biographical description. Have special skills or advantages are those who are sought by many companies or agencies.

2. Study abroad
One of the mandatory requirements that must be mastered if you want to continue your study, especially abroad is English. It can not be denied, not only continued study abroad but also the Learning English language skills have become a mandatory requirement for those who wish to continue their studies in the country.

Not only proven by the ability or skills directly, but need evidence of a TOEFL test or IELTS. It will be an added value and proof of someone’s skill in using English. For example, through the LPDP channel provided by the Indonesian government.

3. Easy to understand technology
Currently, almost all technology ranging from gadgets, computers, to food packaging has been widely used in English. Although it can be converted into Bahasa Indonesia, but the use of English will make it easier. Not to undermine the language itself, but at this time no doubt some technologies use English to provide information.

The development of language is also getting more Learning English and more advanced. Starting from children aged 2 years until adolescents begin to learn it from an early age. Private schools also have many who apply the English language during school hours. In fact, on television and in social media has been uploaded a lot of funny videos 2-year-old child who speaks fluently in English.

By understanding the technology as early as possible, we will not be obsolete, it will be increasingly widespread science and increasingly widespread, let alone the reach of the internet is increasingly widespread and there is no limit. By mastering the language, then we can interact with anyone, anytime, and dimna only, especially in the glogal world.

4. Safe to interact
Everyone has an ideals to set foot i overseas. Whether it’s vacation, work or school. The outside world, foreigners are more likely to master the subject. If you have the ability to speak English, in any country you will not get lost. Because the international language is English so it can not be denied that everyone understands it.

Opportunity to get friends overseas was very large. Because by mastering the English language, you will easily familiar with a lot of socializing. Unlike if you are less in English conversation, you will feel wasa, fear wrong and kahirnya silent. That is why English is very important to you today.

5. Make it easy to watch international movies

Are you a western movie lover? Sometimes, we have to watch the movie using subtitles because in fact, quality films and circulating internationally is an English-language film. Although there are Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Indian and other country films that are qualified and circulated internationally, it is certain that English is the main subtitle of the film.